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Sunnyside Primary Academy


Computing Curriculum Intent

As the world becomes increasingly dependent on technology, Sunnyside Primary Academy regard the importance of computing in our curriculum as the basis of our everyday learning.  


We offer a variety of lessons across our key stages, to progress our children’s understanding of a technological world. We provide opportunities for experiencing and practising skills that will become essential as they progress through their education and into the world as adults. We develop our pupils understanding and capabilities to achieve through a range of programs to incorporate communication and creativity.


We support our children to work with confidence and independence, to navigate key areas of computing- information technology, digital literacy and computer science. We understand that not all children have a natural aptitude for computing, however we encourage perseverance in our children to embrace technology as part of our wider world. 


We model safe and responsible use of computer technology, within and outside our school environment. Children are taught the potential dangers of the online world and who to approach if they feel at all uncomfortable with content they are exposed to. Safeguarding our pupils is paramount to our computing curriculum and enables them to be responsible for themselves in an ever-growing technological world.


We aspire for our pupils to use information technology, to build their potential future-selves in ever-developing careers. We aim to make their experiences engaging and interactive to further inspire them to develop outside of their classroom environment.