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Sunnyside Primary Academy

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About Our Academy

I would like to take this opportunity, through our website, to welcome you to Sunnyside Primary Academy. Our core values of Strength, Perseverance and Aspirations are at the heart of everything we do. At The Sunnyside Primary Academy we want our children to be happy, confident individuals with a passion for learning.

Latest News

Stars of the week
  • Venus - Hooriya- Persistantly good in her learning. Using interestiung adjectives in her work to describe herself. She has a heart of gold and looks out for everyone and is an asset to her class

  • Mercury-Mark For his perseverance & enthusiasm wiht his work

  • Earth - Ellie Smith for excellent enthusiasm and participation in learning.

  • Mars - Tommy for having a great attitude towards his learning this week and for producing some proud pieces of work.

  • Jupiter - Lillie Boshell For always following the school rules, wording hard in all subjects and always ready to learn.

  • Saturn - Iqra- awarded for showing kindness to others in the class.

  • Neptune - Dylan for a fantastic attitude to learning; he has been working exceptionally hard in all area and because of his determination and perseverance he has produced some amazing work. Well Done 🙂

  • Neil Armstrong -Zach Spencer for excellent attitude to his work all week.

  • Tim Peake- Jayden - For excellent effort in all subjects this week

  • Buzz Aldrin- Freddie - Super perseverance in Maths this week

  • Moon -Annalise Webster - for trying really hard with her learning.

  • Sun -Beau - For trying really hard with her work all this week

  • Uranus Kevin - Improved handwriting in his work this week.