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Sunnyside Primary Academy

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About Our Academy

I would like to take this opportunity, through our website, to welcome you to Sunnyside Primary Academy. Our core values of Strength, Perseverance and Aspirations are at the heart of everything we do. At The Sunnyside Primary Academy we want our children to be happy, confident individuals with a passion for learning.

Latest News

Stars of the week
  • Venus - Aron - Persistant and always tries his best. He is a model to everyone & behaves well. He follows rules & is great at asking for help.

  • Mercury - Finlay Cullum - For his strength of mind and perserverance to practise his numbers to 20 ,especially 13 and 15.Well done!

  • Earth - Danny Barker - Trying his best & focusing on his work aswell as being a kind member of class and supporting those around him.

  • Mars -Harrison Leslie - Being helpful and responsible for classroom resources.

  • Jupiter - Brooklyn - Super role model in and out of class, demonstrating her kindness and being responsible.

  • Saturn - Archie Showing Kindness to others by helping friends in class and on the playground

  • Neptune -Muizz - Worked hard to improve his writing. produced some fantastic expanded noun phrases even using two in one sentence!

  • Neil Armstrong - Indy Hancock

  • Tim Peake- Charlotte Leslie - For being kind and helping a peer in need

  • Buzz Aldrin- Ella Mae- Nominated by the class for Super effort in mental maths game, being kind and helping others.

  • Moon -

  • Sun