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Sunnyside Primary Academy


Geography Curriculum Intent

Geography enables children to explore, discover and begin to make sense of the world. Children develop an understanding of the world and their place in it.  


In Geography, we provide opportunities for all children to achieve. We plan for them to develop skills to investigate and understand the world around them


In Geography, we show our children that they can succeed through perseverance to develop geographical skills and knowledge.  


In Geography, our children learn responsibility for their environment and the world around them.   Children participate in local walks, looking at features of their local environment, to help deepen their understanding of their immediate surroundings. We celebrate differences and similarities with people and places around the world. Our children will understand the responsibility they have in their world for the future. 


In Geography, we aim to inspire our children through a diverse knowledge of places, people and varying environments.  By teaching our children about the world and its people, our pupils aspire to travel, to explore and develop a deep understanding of the world we live in.