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Sunnyside Primary Academy


Reading Curriculum Intent

At Sunnyside Primary Academy, we believe that the teaching of reading is integral to children’s understanding and appreciation of the world around them. We teach children to become confident readers who are able read to broaden their knowledge. It is a platform which allows them to see beyond what they know; developing vocabulary they need to effectively express themselves. Our reading curriculum strives to foster a lifelong love of reading.


At Sunnyside children can read accurately, fluently and with expression. We strive to ensure that our curriculum is engaging so that children are absorbed in their learning, ensuring that the sequential steps to achievement are explicit so children can identify and explain their achievements.


Our children demonstrate perseverance in their reading by learning from their mistakes and striving to achieve even when something is difficult. Pupils are taught strategies to help them when reading aloud and working on comprehension tasks.


We encourage children to take responsibility and it is our responsibility to ensure that our progressive curriculum enables all learners to succeed. At Sunnyside, children take responsibility for developing their reading by ensuring they read at home, use reading to widen their knowledge and use skills taught to develop fluency and understanding. 


We promote aspiration by exposing our children to diverse, rich and varied literature and this enables them to acquire a wide variety of vocabulary, knowledge and skills. Our thematic approach ensures that children are exposed to a range of high-quality texts