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Sunnyside Primary Academy


Whole School Reading Challenge – Fox Covert Primary

We use the Collins Big Cat Reading scheme for reading which expertly meets the requirements of the reading curriculum through engaging, stimulating and challenging texts. The teaching of reading is a key priority and as a school we enjoy celebrating reading across all subject areas.

During discrete reading lessons, children are taught primarily through the domains, there is also additional one 2 one reading, shared reading where children are paired to read with another child across the school.  This will resume once restrictions are lifted.

Each day the class enjoys listening to a class story  to help promote reading for pleasure.   This book could be linked to their theme or a chosen book by the class.

We also encourage children to read for ten to fifteen minutes a day at home as part of their weekly homework. 

Children are also able to access our library.  They are able to browse and borrow books; they learn about book handling and how books are organised.